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Tons of videos and audios that you can access and chant/sing along to reach higher states of consciousness, connectedness with a higher power, happiness and bliss.

A mantra is a word or phrase that when repeated connects you to a higher power, to your own heart and spirit… and to other beings. Singing or chanting mantra’s is a beautiful meditation, powerfully healing and deeply joyful.

It’s an amazing addition to get the most out of your day and to live a more joyful, loving, creative and successful life.

Community Mantra’s

Get into a state of amazing-ness 3 times each day! And share the good vibes with like-minded mantra-lovers, with our community mantra sessions. You’ll get a notification each day to invite you to the 3 sessions where you’ll be able to sing a beautiful mantra and share your experience with others.

Morning Motivation Mantra

Start your day off the best way, with motivational and positivity inspired chanting to feel motivated, confident and good about yourself. Achieve great success each day by starting your day with our Morning Motivation Mantra.

Lunchtime Love Mantra

Focus on loving life, yourself and others with our Lunchtime Love Mantra. Align your heart with your purpose to create great love and ensure amazing loving relationships with all around you.

Evening Peace Mantra

Relax and unwind after your day of success by chanting a calming peace mantra so you enjoy your evening, feel good about yourself and relax into the best night’s sleep.

Mantra Magic Library

music is the voice of the soul

Get access to our full and ever-growing library of mantra’s, chants, affirmations and songs and music to live a life a joy, happiness, love, peace and success. Which you can access and enjoy anytime you want a boost of magic.

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