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Coaching Is the Key to Unlocking the Secrets Within YOU, to Achieving SUCCESS in All Areas of Your Life.
Overcome your current challenges and be Confident, Calm and In-Control.
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Life can be hard sometimes.

It can seem like it’s problem after problem.

Health issues
Relationship breakdowns
Coping with stress
Career problems
Money issues
Family fall-outs
Mental health challenges
Weight gain

All these problems are very real… and very hard.

It can feel like it’s too much to handle.

And perhaps, you’re feeling the weight of many issues right now. Dealing with one is hard but when it’s several, it can be overwhelming.

 And you have a yearning, deep-down, underneath all this…
A sense that you’re here to do more with your life…
That you can… and should… be making a difference in the lives of others and the wider community…

But right now, there’s some stuff, holding you back, and keeping you stuck, fearful and not able to achieve your dreams…

Coaching is a powerful way to overcome all these challenges and access the life you desire.

It always seems impossible… until it’s done
~ Nelson Mandela

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a development relationship where a coach supports a client in achieving goals by listening to your needs, finding your answers, setting targets, planning and providing training and guidance to achieve and surpass those goals.

As your mental health and wellbeing life coach, I am here to help you:

  • find your truth within — who you really are — and what you’re here to do – life purpose
  • remove things that are getting in the way of your success – self-belief
  • visualise what you want your ‘life without limits’ to look like – clarity of mission
  • set goals towards that life – organised and focused
  • achieve and surpass those goals – successful
  • helping you to gain more calm, love and fulfilment in your life – accomplished
  • helping you to achieve your dreams in health, business, finances, relationships, education, adventure, social life and much, much more – complete

The coaching process is personal to you and driven by your needs on whatever you want to achieve in life.

In coaching we don’t focus on symptoms or draw conclusions. We work on increasing your capacity and reaching goals.

As a coach I’m here to support you and help you achieve results to move forward to success in any or all areas of your life. In two words:

*Supported empowerment*

If you think of a sports coach, who helps the player learn skills, overcome challenges, become empowered and believe in their abilities, achieve success as part of a team and supports the other team members to be the best too. As your Life Coach I bring the best bits of that, the success strategies, the self-belief and the motivation, and it also comes with listening, nurturing, accountability and powerful self-awareness analysis to help you access your truth and achieve your success. I help you to learn life skills (see below), overcome your challenges, become empowered to believe in yourself and achieve greatness as an important part of your family, your community and as a global citizen.

What is Coaching NOT?

Coaching is not psychology, psychiatry, mental health or medical treatment (although my techniques are informed by all these things plus the latest scientific research).

It is finding out what makes you tick, understanding what makes us all tick, what we all share in our humanity, what are your individual experiences, values and needs and how this informs your life and the things that you see as your current challenges in life.

It’s purely focused on:

  • Where you are at today
  • What do you want to change?
  • Where you want to get to in the future

The coaching process is looking at the steps on how we get from… today… to the future you desire. By working on the things you can do today to get there.

The small daily habits that compound over time to completely change your life.

As your coach I accept you completely. We are all human and imperfect and we have all made plenty of mistakes in the past.

I have made many mistakes… you would laugh, cry and cringe at my stories… but let’s get back to you…

The coaching process is about putting our past mistakes behind us, recognising there will be a few more mistakes made by all of us in the future, but not letting these imperfections get in the way of us achieving success.

Coaching is not succumbing to problems. It is recognising that we all have challenges, but they don’t need to hold you back, we all can take responsibility for our lives and overcome them.

And live in happiness, calm and success regardless of whatever comes along.

And as your coach, I am there for you, to help you to do whatever is necessary to achieve your dreams.

A question to reflect on for a moment…

If you could do or be anything you want in life?


What would it be?

You CAN have THAT
With the support coaching gives you…
By overcoming all the things that are stopping you achieving it…
Your potential for achievement is limitless…

Maybe you don’t believe in yourself that much right now?
That’s okay, it’s just the starting point… you will be very surprised how much progress you make in a short period of time with coaching.

My Clients Often Get…

“A’ha” moments – sudden insights and realisations of the causes of their suffering and the ability to change.

Fast results – life improves ‘pretty damn quick’ as things seem to start ‘coming together’ after just a few ‘a’ha moments’.

Lightening of the load – a release of some, or all, of the weight you are carrying on your shoulders. (Often, weight that you were completely unaware of, until it’s gone!)

Calm – a growing sense of peace in every situation.

Clarity – a knowing of who you are and what you want.

Clear sense of purpose – you will no longer settle for second-best, your life will be on your terms and give you lots of fulfilment.

Self-love – a deep love, respect and knowing of yourself.

Better health – our mental state has a big impact on our health, as our happiness increases, so does our health. And as our health improves, so does our happiness. Win-Win!

Confidence – a confidence to live how you want to live, to be who you want to be and to express yourself.

Communication skills – an ability to communicate with others better, to express your needs, to listen to others’ needs and to be able to get your needs met.

Love for others – better relationships with the people close to you and the wider world.

Smiles, laughter and fun – by being lighter we just smile and laugh more, we bring more fun into our days. The personal growth journey is one of the most fun things we can do in our life.

Making friends – by having a deep love for yourself, you will be able to share your love and care for others.

A lust for life – by being our authentic self, we jump out of bed to embrace each day with love and gratitude.

Success in all areas of life – better business, relationship, financial, health and happiness comes as result of the personal growth successes listed above.

– your results may vary of course. You will definitely gain from doing this work, in your own way, or your money back.

Who is David Furnevall?

David Furnevall

I’m David Furnevall, I’ve overcome the out-of-control Anxiety, Depression, Panic, Stress, Limitations, Negative Habits and Beliefs which were with me for many years in my early life.

After 20+ years of learning, practising and working on myself, I’ve released the hold that those negative things once had over me and grown into a very happy, calm and successful person. I have also learned a lot about inner peace, human behaviour and spirituality and I run my life and business by making a positive difference in the lives of other people.

And you can too, and using the things I’ve learned, and will share with you, will do so, in a lot less time than it took me.

I have wide-range of Coaching & Therapeutic skills and am experienced in other areas such as Business & Corporate, Design & Creative, Marketing & Web Technology… and am passionate about conscious and mindful living so I am perfectly-placed to support you in your journey of personal growth, making a difference in the world and to support the lifestyle of your dreams… (see full list of my skills and experience here)

What is my Coaching approach?

My coaching service is premium standard, completely designed and personalised to your needs, gets fast results by using my systemised approach, which cuts through often years of negative roadblocks that you never even knew were holding you back!

Aside from my in-depth academic studies and the many skills I have developed, I’ve also spent a lot of time studying at the school of life. I’ve been through it myself, I’ve had massive challenges and overcome them, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned.

I’m an imperfect human like we all are and I certainly don’t know it all. But by my own suffering and commitment to personal growth  I’ve learned how to deal with and overcome challenges.

I use this learning to understand you and to help you.

I also utilise the latest positive psychology, health and well-being research and proven life coaching methods coupled with deep spiritual practices to offer a comprehensive approach to overcoming challenges in all areas of life.

1) I introduce relaxation and stress management techniques to bring massive calm and peace quickly.

2) From there, I work with you to understand who you are and what makes you, you.

3) I then work with you to uncover the causes of the stress and unhappiness, the beliefs and limitations you have created in your thinking.

4) Then I work with you to remove habits that don’t serve you and replace those with more positive personal and life goals you have chosen. We create and focus on a plan together to get to your positive goals.

5) I’m also your accountability partner. Somebody who helps you to stay focused. Who’s there for you when it gets hard and to celebrate your successes with you.

We do this in a safe environment, your own home (via private video conferencing/messaging) where we can communicate openly, on a regular (weekly or fortnightly) schedule, with regular progress reviews.

And, as you grow more peaceful, calm, financially abundant and successful, you can then help others to do the same.

Win-Win 🙂

The skills you'll develop with coaching

Some of the areas we cover and the skills you’ll develop within our coaching sessions:

  • Anger Management (handle situations better)
  • Assertiveness (be able to respect your own needs whilst respecting others’)
  • Communication Skills (how to communicate effectively, lovingly and build your relationships with others whilst doing so)
  • Creativity/Problem Solving (be able to create all the things you need in your life)
  • Emotional Intelligence (how to understand yourself and others better to improve your relationships)
  • Handling Change & Challenging Situations (Death/Grief, Divorce, Parenting, Addiction, Trauma, Coping Strategies)
  • Relaxation Techniques (that you can use in your daily life)
  • Relationships (have better relationships with your partner, family, friends & make new ones too)
  • Setting Boundaries and Respecting Others (creating more peace in your life by being less ‘pushed around’ by other people)
  • Self Esteem (love yourself more and more)
  • Self Confidence (be confident in being you)
  • Mindfulness & Meditation (gaining peace and clarity of mind in your daily life)
  • Mental Health (releasing the hold of anxiety/depression/stress)
  • Visualising your best life and becoming who you want to be
  • Peak Performance (operating at your best every day)
  • Optimal health, energy and vitality
  • Setting Goals and achieving them

and many more…

Your personal coaching sessions will also cover these powerful techniques…

  • achieving your dreams and living your best life
  • overcoming challenges
  • relaxation techniques
  • meditation practice
  • guided meditations
  • visualisations
  • affirmations
  • mindset
  • reducing anxious thoughts
  • mindfulness
  • motivation
  • facing your fears
  • knowing yourself
  • knowing others
  • deep acceptance of yourself for all your darkness and light
  • self-love of all aspects of you
  • good communication
  • loving yourself and others
  • building relationships
  • optimism, good news and positivity
  • ways you can overcome your challenges
  • ways you can get the most out of life
  • ways you can let go of all of your restrictions
  • positive psychology
  • gratitude
  • and anything and everything to help you live a life of happiness, joy and love.


These practices help you to grow in your personal power, to find your inner-strength and wisdom to gain massive peace when faced with adversity, to be deeply creative, to love yourself and others and to give all that to the world in your life’s work.

I’m part of a movement change-makers, raising awareness of personal development and increasing our loving energy as a means to solving the challenges humanity faces. Helping people to see that there is hope, there is a way out. I find the people who have worked with and overcome their own challenges are the most caring, strong and loving beings.

What I’m doing makes a difference in people’s lives. I’ve personally had a lot of help from some amazing mentors, coaches, teachers and friends over the years to overcome my personal challenges. And I’m still a work in progress, of course. Now I’m in a good place, doing this work is my way to give back to the world.

My coaching gets results and as we grow together we’re building a community of positive change makers. Not only do you get 1-1 coaching you also get access to all the positivity and content that is shared within the wider conscious community that you will become a part of.

This content will help you to overcome any anxiety, anger, stress and depression and to move forward into a life of happiness, peace, joy, love and financial abundance.

It’s totally possible. Even if you’re doing okay right now, there’s still plenty of value in my coaching for achieving greater success in all areas of life. A life of amazing success is totally available to you. There’s something for everyone, no matter where you’re at right now.

My Commitment to You

I will listen.

I will provide a safe place of peace, love and acceptance, whatever your past.

I will help you to find all the answers you need and cut through your limitations.

I will hold you accountable, keep you focused and help you make it all happen.

You’ll get fast results. Working one-to-one is the most effective way of success.

But… I will only work with you if you make a commitment…

Your Commitment to You

You are willing to take responsibility for where your life is at now.

You are willing to learn and commit to your personal growth and change, even when it gets challenging.

You are willing to take continued action towards your goals.

The program is results-driven and progress is measured against your personal goals.

The service is available as long as you want it. On an ongoing rolling basis. I will be there for you as long as you need me to be.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it
~ Albert Einstein

The Top Reasons Why People Seek a Life Coach

“To achieve my goals and be successful”
“To improve my relationships”
“To find happiness”
“To find my life purpose”
“To do what I love”
“To decide on or change my career”
“To be more confident”

You can get all this… and much more….

How does it all work?

We get together regularly in whatever way works for you to visualise, problem-solve, dig deep into challenges and plan a way forward. We look at the ideal you, the current situation and the big picture for the future, we get it all organised into manageable chunks and actions to move towards manifesting.


So, together in our discussions, we gain lots of insights and create a clear and powerful plan, but what happens next?

How do you stay focused and make progress outside of the session?

Between sessions is the place where the magic, the self-belief and real growth happens.

But, it’s also the place where you can get bogged down in life… old habits, ‘busyness’, obligations and lose focus, miss milestones, slip back and lose faith in your ability to change.

This is where the David Furnevall Coaching Accountability app (for PC/Tablet/Smartphone) comes in. It helps you stay focused with a proven system of support:

Text and Email Reminders – keeping you focused on your goals, creating new empowering habits and reducing the hold of old habits.

Session Notes – you have full records of all that was discussed, the insights gained and the plan of action for you to refer back to at any time.

Worksheets – we’ll issue you with worksheets to go deeper into success outside the sessions, with due dates and reminders to help you do the work you want to do, to get the results you want.

Visual Metrics – you can see how far you’ve come, very powerful to remind you of your strength, your achievement and self-worth (especially at challenging self-doubting moments).

Journalling – reflecting on and learning from your daily tasks is very powerful. It helps you to feel gratitude to yourself, for how far you’ve come. To learn from things that went well and things that didn’t go quite so well. And over time a regular journal practice can serve to inspire you and your story will inspire other people.

Scheduling – quick and easy appointment scheduling, to reduce the time spent on admin and more time on getting results.

Secure File Sharing – we can securely share files and have online access to them wherever you are, so you can stay focused anytime, anywhere.

Progress Reporting – you can tick off your completed goals, which not only feels great but helps us to see how you’re progressing, which in turn helps us to help you better in sessions and planning further progress targets.

Commenting – there’s a constant two-way dialogue between you and me, so you never have to feel stuck or alone with a problem. I will help support you every step of the way!

You get all of these fantastic features in your David Furnevall Coaching Accountability app which is included within all paid Coaching packages.

You can also get access to:

  • unlimited text messaging and personal access to me
  • private 1-1 online/video coaching sessions- (this is where many breakthroughs will happen)
  • Development of your personal life purpose and mission plan (so you get clarity on exactly where you want to go and who you want to be – very powerful if you’ve never had a clear purpose in life)
  • Development of your personal weekly plan, to keep you focused and on track for success (knowing exactly what you need to do each day to achieve success)
  • Accountability and check-in’s to keep you motivated and supported (great if you suffer from procrastination and distraction)
  • Reviews and monitoring to recognise celebrate your ongoing success (reflecting and celebrating each time you smash a new target and how far you’ve come each period)
  • Access to my personal success library of guidance, advice, training, techniques, videos, audios and support information (valued at £100’s)
  • And much more…

Client Testimonials

Frequently asked questions

How fast will I get results?
The answer is… fast. Working one-to-one is the most effective way to get through blocks, set goals and move towards them. Each hour session can make great progress.

How does it work?
You attend regular online training and coaching meetings. We talk through, where you’re at, where you want to be and come up with a plan. You take that plan into your daily life and we review your success at the next session. You won’t believe how much things can improve between each session!

Why should I choose coaching instead of say.. books or online courses?
There’s a reason that coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world – because it works for people. Few people can honestly say that they are already performing at the top of their game each and every day. Coaching is the choice for fast-track success to be able to get to that high-level of happiness and fulfilment. Self-study just simply doesn’t get the same results because of the level of accountability coaching gives you.

What do I get When I Sign Up?
This agreement includes 3 FREE days to trial the software and begin the coaching process. On day 3 you will be billed. You must pay the bill immediately to start the coaching program. You will then be billed each month and you may cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, you will be charged up until the end of the month of cancellation.

Your “Participate Or Your Money Back Guarantee!”
I want you to join in the coaching experience and successfully achieve living the lifestyle you have envisioned. You have been looking for this resource (maybe for a very long time) and I do not want to delay you any longer. In order for you to feel comfortable with your decision, I will remove any financial risk you may perceive.

If after participating fully*, you do not agree that the process of coaching is worth every penny of the price you paid, inform me any time within the first 30 days of your coaching experience. I will promptly refund your charged card for the entire amount.

This program is about you taking positive action to develop a powerful foundation on which to create and manage your new lifestyle. If you participate fully, you’ll get the kind of results outlined.

Participating fully means:
– Showing up on time and prepared for calls, and
– Following through on the commitments we have made together.

Thank you, your commitment to your own self-improvement is commendable. As your coach, I won’t let you down, and the world will thank you for the efforts you’re making towards a positive future for us all.

David ❤️

If you are ready to truly maximise your human potential, your impact, and take your life and business to the next level, then it’s time to get started.

Action is the foundational key to all success ~ Pablo Picasso